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Just in Time Solutions has the Best Looking Bill Presentment Demo

By Jim Bruene on December 10, 1997 3:20 PM | Comments

Just in Time Solutions


JITS demonstrates the power of the billing statement as a cross-selling device.

For what it’s worth, Just in Time Solutions has the best looking bill presentment demo at www.justintime.com/ib/demo/frames.html . If you want to demonstrate the power of an electronically presented bill, this is the one to show. It includes advanced functions such as:

  •  effective cross-selling for telecom services
  •  comparisons to previous bills
  •  explanations of phone services currently being used
  •  reverse number look-up on phone numbers to see who you called.

The services section of the Just in Time Solutions mock-up not only describes exactly what the user currently subscribes to, but makes adding new services as easy as checking a box. That’s how to sell on the Web.


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