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CitiBank Homepage Tries Lone Product Pitch

By Jim Bruene on July 6, 1998 8:21 AM | Comments




Citibank’s home page is gorgeous, although Elton John would seem to be the primary beneficiary of the sales opportunities on page one. The lone product pitch, located in the lower area of the screen, is for a Platinum Select MasterCard with 4.9% introductory rate.

Citibank (New York; $334 billion, 4.8 million ATM cards) launched an aggressive campaign to increase usage of its online banking program, paying new users $25 to try Direct Access (either the direct-dial or Web format). The goal is to reach one million subscribers by year-end, approximately triple its current base estimated by industry sources at 300,000 to 350,000. The company must be counting on heavy enrollment from its credit card base. Citi would only need to get about 3% of its cardholders banking online to reach the goal. Contact: Norm Bloomberg is VP Home Banking, (312) 627-5248.

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