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Approaches to Bill Presentment

By Jim Bruene on January 4, 1999 11:04 AM | Comments

Most presentations and articles on bill presentment divide the possible approaches into three categories: biller direct where bills are presented directly on the biller site; and so-called thick and thin consolidators which differ primarily in the level of bill detail presented by the third-party consolidator. The thick vs. thin distinction seems arbitrary to us and we expect it to disappear from the vernacular shortly. The biller direct vs. consolidator debate will be decided in the marketplace. For the foreseeable future, most major billers will display bills and/or summary data on both their own site and on major consolidator sites. Smaller and mid-sized billers will skip both solutions and rely on packaged software (e.g. Quicken, QuickBooks) and Web-based service bureaus to generate e-bills for delivery via email (see OBR 9/98). Long-term (10+ years), we think many billers of all size will use email to handle the task themselves, but that’s pure speculation (see table below).

The Three Primary Bill Presentment Approaches


Speculation on Where Users Will Receive the E-bills*

Source: Online Banking Report, 1/99 *percent of bills received and paid by the user via the given method, a purely speculative estimate provided as an illustration of how many ways the bill presentment pie will be divided; complex and unpredictable market forces will shape the actual results

** The bill pay center may be co-branded with a bank, but the user will think of it primarily as a service of the portal (e.g. Yahoo!)

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