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Out of the In-Box Email Marketing

By Jim Bruene on June 6, 2003 10:16 AM | Comments (1)

Charles Schwab

Date: 5/15/03, 5:49 PM

From: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. [online.service@schwab.com]

Subject: Schwab Bank mortgage offer still stands.

Schwab’s email to customers announcing its new mortgage program, featured price and performance guarantees.

  • Good offer
  • Simple and effective copy
  • Drab brown and black color theme
  • Good use of white space, but could use more graphic design and color to draw readers in.
  • Ineffective subject line, “Schwab Bank mortgage offer still stands.” What does that even mean?
  • Should be effective with current customers already loyal to the Schwab brand.

Grade: B-



Date: 5/15/03, 5:41 PM

From: Chase Credit Cards [chasecreditcards@chase.bfi0.com]

Subject: Requesting a credit line increase is easier
than ever!

Chase’s email fits nicely on a single screen.

Clicking through the email causes a login screen to appear. A weakness of the implementation is the URL used: after a barely noticeable redirect through www.bfi0.com , a login at www.chaseshop.com  is presented. Users knowledgeable of spoofs and fraud may avoid logging into “chaseshop.com.”



  • Effective offer
  • Excellent graphics and layout
  • Confusing “from” line: Chase continues to send emails under the URL of its email service provider, Bigfoot Interactive chasecreditcards@chase.bfi0.com . Although, it does a good job disguising the vendor address as much as possible, in these spam-and-fraud sensitive times, Chase needs to send emails from its own URL. 

Grade: B

DeepGreen Bank

Date: 5/15/03, 1:22 PM

From: DeepGreen Bank Security Security@DeepGreenBank.com

Subject: Account Security Tips

A great overview of high-level security issues from DeepGreen Bank.


Grade: A



Date: 5/14/03, 8:59 PM

From: Expedia.com [usmail@customermail.expedia.com]

Subject: Your special VIP benefits

Expedia’s email to select customers announcing a new program with VIP email and telephone number.


  • Sometimes less is more: A nice, simple letter from the CEO can be a relief from the busy HTML spam bombard.
  • HTML was used to make the message appear more like a snail-mail letter, making it easier to read and more recognizable with the Expedia logo.
  • VIP programs are great marketing tools, just ask American Express; Expedia’s approach is well-suited for financial services companies.
  • Our only complaint is the VIP service is not carried through to the website. When I log into my account it still shows the regular contact numbers – not very convenient to have to refer back to this email for the info.                    

Grade: A

Comments (1)
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Expedia’s approach is well-suited for financial services companies. We started using three years ago and we are pretty pleased with it.

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