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BarCampBank Season: Four Alt-Banking Conferences Scheduled

By Jim Bruene on February 6, 2009 12:18 PM | Comments

imageWillingly attending an agenda-less (note 1) meeting of credit union enthusiasts, consultants, bloggers, fintech startups, and even the occasional banker, can be difficult to explain to your boss, let alone your spouse.

But if you want to improve your bank-geek cred -- and really who doesn't -- the 2009 BarCampBank season begins in 10 days with two events in Europe. Then it's back to the western United States with the second annual San Francisco BCB the last weekend of April (not coincidentally scheduled two days before our FinovateStartup so you can make both), and finally a new Vegas version the following weekend.

  • Feb. 14  BarCampBankLondon2 (12 registered, no bankers yet)
  • Feb. 16  BarCampBankMadrid (75 registered, with dozens of bankers, see note 2)
  • April 25/26 BarCampBankSF2 (the weekend before FinovateStartup on Tues., April 28)
  • May 2 BarCampBankVegas (organized by Robbie Wright and timed around the NACUSO convention) image
  • Notes:
    1. It's not truly agenda-less; rather, there is no agenda ahead of time, it's created on the fly by attendees (see inset, photo credit Thomas Barker).

    2. Re: BCB Madrid: Congratulations to our friend Jesus Perez Sanchez at Financial Red. It looks like he's helped pull off the biggest BCB yet, and with great participation from bankers. It's a trend I hope continues in the states.


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