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The Upside of a Down Market

By Jim Bruene on March 12, 2009 6:21 PM | Comments (2)

image Is it just me, or have people become more friendly lately?

I was flabbergasted, in a good way, by the service I received from Comcast yesterday. When our Internet service started failing Tuesday morning, I was initially worried we'd be out for a long time. At mid morning the Comcast call center was already backed up more than 10 minutes, but the friendly robot asked whether I'd prefer a call back instead of waiting on hold. I went with that option of course. Then, not only did they ring me when they said they would, the woman who called was the most empathetic tech support person I've ever conversed with.

Then (here's the part that floored me), she said someone could come over that very day to fix it (note 1). The repair guy showed up on time, was nice as can be, seemed extremely knowledgeable, installed a new modem, and even put covers over his shoes before coming in the house. Comcast, you rock, and now I don't feel nearly as bad about the $150/mo we send your way!

One thing about a nasty recession, it makes you appreciate your customers.

So in the vein, I'd like to thank the sponsors of our Netbanker blog, WorkLight, a Finovate Startup 2008 alum (video here), who has been handing out a free white paper via the ad on the upper right. And also our link sponsor on the bottom- right, Bankaholic, who is on its second year with us.

And as much as we like our sponsors, our biggest thanks is to you, the reader, who makes this all worthwhile. We've added more than 1,000 new subscribers in the past year, bringing the total to more than 8,500.

So thank you all from the Netbanker team!

1. This is just standard residential $45/mo Internet service.

Comments (2)
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It may just be you Jim, or maybe it just me!

I’ve been experiencing the other end of the spectrum these days with customer service. The situations are too numerous and detailed for a blog comment, but most of them revolve around billing. I have not received statements from some and have been double billed by others. Verizon has messed up my phone bill for the last 4 months, charging me for services I don’t have, and forcing me to pay the balance with a credit applied to the following month.

Sure, the phone reps are somewhat friendly when I call in, but they seem to be unwilling to rectify my issues. I was even drafting my own blog post about failing customer service in the down economy. LOL Oh, and on your point about cable . . . my tech was two hours late for the install window time and setup a thrashed old box. It likes to freeze when recording shows, but the only time they can come swap it out is 8-5 M-F three weeks from now! Awesome

I’m actually in a great mood today, just has to vent when I saw your post :)

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