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Banking the Holidays: 2009 Edition

By Jim Bruene on December 24, 2009 10:41 AM | Comments

imageIt's a bit of a holiday tradition at Netbanker (note 1), checking out the top-20 banks to see if they've upped their retail game during the year-end holiday period. Or at least pushed out a holiday greeting to visitors, such as Google's greeting to Gmail users yesterday (inset). 

It was pretty much business as usual at most large bank sites. The only top-10 bank with any major holiday message this week was PNC Bank, with its clever Christmas Price Index, which values the items listed in the 12 Days of Christmas song. The total this year: $21,500, up 1.8% over 2008 (press release).

PNC has calculated the price index for 26 years and displays a bar graph at their CPI microsite (below). It's been online for a number of years; we first blogged about it in 2004.

This year, we surfed the 20 largest U.S. banks on Dec. 22 and Dec. 24 (screenshots are in the next post; note 2). On the first visit, we found six top-20 banks with a holiday mention on the homepage (rank in parenthesis). We took a tour again this morning expecting to find a few more holiday messages. There was only one newcomer, ING Direct, and surprisingly, three of the original six had pulled down their holiday ads already. In all only four top-20 banks have a holiday message today (24 Dec., 9 AM Pacific time). 

December 22 December 24
5. PNC Bank 5. PNC Bank
13. TD Bank 15. Regions Bank
14. Citizens (RBS) 16. Fifth Third
15. Regions 17. ING Direct
16. Fifth Third  
20. Harris Bank (BMO)  

Luckily, an astute reader emailed yesterday to let us know that their bank was decked out in the holiday spirit, $2 billion (deposits) Union Bank and Trust (below) headquartered in Bowling Green, Virginia.

Union Bank & Trust (24 Dec. 2009)


1. Previous Netbanker December holiday-marketing posts (2007, 2006, 2006, 2004)
2. Rankings based on deposits on 31 Dec. 2008 (list here)


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