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ING Direct (USA) to Offer Special Independence Day Bonuses July 1 & 2

By Jim Bruene on June 24, 2010 3:52 PM | Comments (1)

imageI love holiday-themed online promotions. It's the low-hanging fruit of online marketing. Why not dress up your website for the holidays and offer a little savings on the side? Worst case, you get a smile from your customers. Best case, you turn a tidy profit on the effort.

Last fall, I wrote about ING Direct's Black Friday (pre-Thanksgiving) sale. I liked it so much, I am now the proud owner of an ING Direct mortgage refi thanks to the $683 incentive to apply that day.

Knowing what a fan I am, the bank provided me with a preview of the offers planned for next weekend to celebrate the events of 1776:

  • Investing for financial freedom: Investors who open a new ShareBuilder account receive a $76 bonus (after making one transaction). 
  • Pursuing the happiness of homeownership: Prospective homeowners who apply for a mortgage  receive $776 off closing costs, a 40% discount. 
  • Liberation from checking fees: A surprise promotion for its no-fee Electric Orange Checking account. 
  • Spreading the wealth of savings: An undisclosed boost to the bank's usual refer-a-friend offer.

More details will appear on the bank's landing page at 12:01 AM on July 1 <ingdirect.com/independence> (see teaser page below, first screenshot). The teaser campaign has already been implemented on the bank's homepage, Twitter page, and Facebook page (see screenshots below).

Anyone else have something special planned for next weekend? Add it to the comments below or drop me an email.

Landing page teaser (link, 24 June 2010)

ING Direct 4th of July sale landing page

ING Direct homepage

ING Direct USA home page with indpedendance day sale teaser

Twitter page preview (link)

ING Direct twitter page with July 4 teaser

Facebook page (link)

ING Direct Facebook page with 1776 sale teaser

Comments (1)

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