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Marketing: Bank of America Offers $25 to Reactivate Visa Card

By Jim Bruene on April 3, 2012 9:06 PM | Comments (3)

imageLast fall, my primary personal credit card from Bank of America was compromised, and I was issued a new one. While I was waiting for the new card to arrive, I got in the habit of using another bank's card. When the replacement card arrived, I stuffed it in a drawer, unactivated and still stuck to the mailer, forgetting I'd ever received it.

Fast forward six months, and I get an email this morning from Bank of America, offering $25 if I spend just $250 on the moth-balled card before June 30 (screenshot below). Coincidently, I'd just run across the forgotten card while doing a little preliminary tax prep. 

The offer requires activation, a smart move that avoids paying out $25 to someone who never even noticed the offer. And I was pleasantly surprised that I had to do nothing more than click the Activate Now button in the email. Within a few seconds I was greeted with a confirmation delivered through a BofA webpage (second screenshot; see update below).

Bottom line: It worked. I've got the BofA card back in my wallet, and I'll be using it tomorrow. And as I'm sure the bank knows, they are likely to make the $25 back within a month or two, assuming I resume my previous charging behavior. Well done, BofA card marketing dept. 


Bank of America email offering $25 cash back to reactivate my credit card (3 April 2012)

  email from Bank of America offering $25 cash back

The one-click activation process* took us to this screen on the BofA website

Bank of America confirmation screen after offer acceptance

*Update 4 April (in response to comment): Although I didn't test it, it looked as though the single click activated the offer only. I still had to phone BofA using the usual process to activate the card. It would have been nice to have been able to do both through the Activate button. 

Comments (3)

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Did this one-click activate your card or just enroll you in the offer? Thanks for sharing!


Good clarification...no the click only activated the offer. I still had to phone in the usual security activation (as far as I know...did not test). It would have been better to do both.

I'll update the post. - Jim

Not sure if this is the right place to comment, but any ideas why Bank of America has stopped making their translucent AmEx Cards?

I was trying to get this card:

and after 2 months of waiting and over 5 calls and 3 wrongly issued cards, they finally tell me the product I want is no longer made by them. Another friend got it only a month before I ordered it. Stupid folks!

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