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The Missing Tab at Banking Websites

By Jim Bruene on April 12, 2012 6:03 PM | Comments (1)

image You can debate whether branches are dead or simply need a good pruning, but there is no argument about the importance of a well-designed website where prospective customers can learn about what you have to offer. 

Financial institutions do a good job showcasing products, rates, and available accounts. But shoppers, especially ones not already familiar with you, want to understand what it's like to bank with you and whether you'll be there for them if there's a problem.

That's something you can get a feel for when visiting a the brick-and-mortar branch. But try figuring that out online. Product info is everywhere, but what's it REALLY like to bank there? 

So along with your usual product and line-of-business tabs, consider adding a tab on the primary navigation leading to a section highlighting the benefits of your bank or credit union. Many companies have an About page, but that's often an afterthought and usually doesn't make a strong case.

Here are two examples we found in a quick search, not coincidentally from web-only financial companies that don't have the luxury of branch staff to explain their benefits:

  • Banking with Ally (first screenshot)
  • Get to know PayPal (second screenshot)  

Bottom line: It will be one of the more difficult sections to build. But also one of the more important.


Ally Bank "Banking with Ally" (see screenshot below):



PayPal "Get to Know PayPal" (15 March 2012)


Comments (1)

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