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New Online Banking Report Published: Digital Overdraft Protection

By Jim Bruene on October 30, 2012 3:21 PM | Comments

clip_image002I've been wanting to write about overdraft protection for more than five years. It's a $30 billion market (note 1) with a number of serious issues, but I wasn't quite sure how it fit our mission of identifying opportunities in online and mobile banking. I finally realized the always-on digital connection to the customer fundamentally changes the overdraft equation. 

In the pre-digital age, a "bad check" was a labor-intensive process. Manually handling the item with slow snail-mail and/or phone calls to the customer was a hassle and a significant cost. The $8 NSF/OD fee in place when I started in banking (late 1980s) barely covered the variable costs, and certainly wasn't a major profit center.

clip_image002[8]Fast-forward 25 years. With sophisticated balance forecasting ala Simple (note 3), real-time debit authorizations, and virtually free instant customer communications, not to mention a hostile political environment, the days of $30+ penalty fees are numbered.

The transition will not be an easy one for banks. But there are ways to create customer-friendly overdraft-protection services, primarily delivered digitally, that win back a good portion of the lost revenue while making customers MUCH, MUCH more satisfied.

Our new 36-page report includes:

  • 25 promising overdraft-protection enhancements for the digital age
  • Pricing overdrafts and overdraft-protection services
  • Gallery of overdraft-protection websites at banks and credit unions  
  • Profile: Bank of Internet's OD-free checking account
  • Size of the U.S. market for overdrafts


About the report

Digital Overdraft Protection (link)
Making it a customer benefit again

Author: Jim Bruene, Editor & Founder

Published: 29 October 2012

Length: 36 pages, 12 tables, 7,600 words

Cost: No extra charge to OBR subscribers, US$395 for others here


1. United States fee income to banks and credit unions
2. Graphic from Southwest Missouri Bank
3. For more on balance forecasting, see our recent PFM report (June 2012, subscription).


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