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The Best Card/Banking Activation Email Ever? Simple Innovation #7*

By Jim Bruene on October 31, 2012 2:04 PM | Comments (1)

image As a long-time student of the black art of marketing, I knew that I'd be in for some tricks and treats from Simple. And my first marketing message from the startup did not disappoint.

The eye-catching subject line practically guarantees a view:

Have you been cheating on us?

And the all-important opening line draws you in further:

So you've deposited money into Simple, and you've swiped a few times, maybe paid a bill. Not to get all clingy, but what's up?

The email (below) goes on to make the case for switching to Simple including a testimonial centering on the startup's spending map. Brilliant.


Simple activation email (25 Oct 2012)
Note: The fine print at the bottom of the message is limited to just
"Unsubscribe from Simple outreach emails." 

Simple card/banking activation email


1. See previous six Simple innovations here
2. 1953 Curtis ad for sale on eBay

Comments (1)

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Must say, and it is just personal, but I find it a bit creepy.

While intellectually I know a bank would have no problem mapping my life out pretty thoroughly by tracking transactions I'd prefer we all pretend they couldn't (or, at least, don't).

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