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Feature Friday: Fifth Third Combines Debit & Credit on DUO Card

By Jim Bruene on January 4, 2013 3:31 PM | Comments

image Transactional banking is fairly straightforward. There are electronic payments, ATM withdrawals, debit card payments, credit card charges, and checks.

When a technology comes along that offers to combine three of those in a familiar form factor (plastic card), you would think it would catch quickly. 

But combined credit/debit cards have not gained much of a following yet. With one big exception: Fifth Third Bank.

In 2011, the Cincinnati-based bank, the 15th largest U.S. retail bank with $120 billion in assets, launched a combined credit/debit card called DUO. According to American Banker this week, "(DUO) has recently accounted for about 25% of new credit card accounts" at the bank.

My take: That may or may not be a large number depending on the bank's overall card marketing efforts, but it's a good indication that there is at least some consumer demand for the so-called hybrid card. Personally, I stopped carrying an ATM card years ago, so I would love having ATM access added to the credit cards I tote around. I would even pay a modest fee for the convenience (note 2).  

True, the mobile wallet holds the promise of combining everything into one grand app. However, it's a long, long road to mass adoption. Seventeen years into online banking, it's still used regularly at less than 60% of U.S. households (note 3).

So bring on the hybrid cards, but make sure there is also a killer mobile app supporting them.


Fifth Third landing page for its combo DUO card (link)

Fifth Third landing page for its combo DUO card


1. It's been 17 years since Web access was first launched by Wells Fargo (May 1995). Dial-up online banking predates that by more than a decade, but it was used by such a small group that it doesn't really rate a mention.
2. "Modest" would be in the $1/mo neighborhood, unless there more features were added.
3. Source is our annual forecast (subscription, Jan 2012) which we are in the process of updating and will be available in a few days. 


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