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PayPal Integrates Bill Me Later "Application" into New Account Signup Process

By Jim Bruene on February 26, 2013 9:35 PM | Comments

image As I was researching yesterday's post on PayPal's "plastic wallet," I attempted to sign up for the company's Anywhere card. Surprisingly, you are unable to get one if you have a business designation on your PayPal account.

So, I signed up for a new PayPal personal account. The process has changed considerably since I last signed up, 13 years ago. One of the most interesting improvements is how it positions the Bill Me Later credit option.

After putting in my name, mail address, mobile number, email address and desired password in the first screen, I was instantly set up with a new PayPal account. At the top of the confirmation page (see below) was a prominent, "Use your account instantly." Then, users are prompted to add their birth date and Social Security Number, and to agree to the terms.  

This Bill Me Later add-on is not required to use PayPal. There is a small gray button in the lower right to defer the credit app. But the application is so seamless, and so painless, I bet most users complete it (note 1).

Bottom line: This could be an effective way for banks and credit unions to upsell overdraft credit lines or credit cards during the checking account opening process. 


Bill Me Later option presented during new PayPal (U.S.) account signup (22 Feb 2013)

Bill Me Later application served in-line with PayPal new account signup


1. In my case, I left my computer for some time and my session timed out, so I lost the opportunity.

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