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PayPal Onboarding Email Messages

By Jim Bruene on March 5, 2013 9:16 PM | Comments

image As a followup to last week's post on the signup process at PayPal, I thought I'd share the onboarding messages received during the first 10 days. There have been three so far (see screenshots below):

1) Day 0: Welcome message

2) Day 3: General message about PayPal benefits

3) Day 4: More specific message about shopping with PayPal

I've yet to link a credit card or bank account, so I expect more messages in the near future.

Bottom line: Onboarding is one of those areas that is impossible to perfect. It's an art and you'll be forever tweaking it. That said, there are some basics tenets to follow: a friendly, immediate welcome message and prompt followups with benefit-laden messages. PayPal ticks the boxes here, though they could add a bit more visual punch and tighter copy.


Initial confirmation message from PayPal (24 Feb 2013)


Day 3: Followup message outlining PayPal benefits


Day 4: Followup details shopping opportunities with PayPal


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