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New OBR Published: Mobile Banking Security

By David Penn on March 17, 2014 4:01 PM | Comments

What do financial institutions need to keep in mind when it comes to mobile security?

Our latest report Mobile Banking Security examines how banks and other financial institutions can balance safety and convenience in pursuit of a seamless and secure mobile experience for their consumers and clients.

We list fifteen different themes that will dominate the conversation on mobile banking security in 2014. From authentication to premium products for niche markets, we look at the innovations and the actual deployments that are providing safer networks for e-commerce and financial transactions for the increasingly "mobile-only" user.

Will the "wild west" that is the Android app ecosystem ever be won? How does the rise of the mobile channel make biometric security almost inevitable? Will promising security startups continue to be the target of larger tech acquirers in 2014 as they were in 2013?

These are a handful of the questions we provide answers to in our latest report on mobile banking security from OBR.

About the report

Mobile Banking Security (link)
The new channel is a boon for improving security, both real and perceived

Author: David Penn
Editor: Jim Bruene, Editor and Founder

Published 14 March 2014

Length: 28 pages

Cost: No extra charge for OBR subscribers, USD $395 for others (here)

Report excerpt:

#6 See Me, Hear Me: Senses in the Service of Mobile Security

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